Chromacity helps you choose the best color combination for your building's next paint job.

Take a picture of your building on your camera or even on your phone. We'll help choose multiple color combinations and show you what each option looks like... freeing you to be bold and make a statement!

Click ORDER NOW to start. Below are some examples of our work.

We created multiple color options for this property in the Marina. The image was taken on an overcast day – that’s a good thing! It provided the most workable view of the building and allowed us to provide the best possible color options. For this project, we created 5 color combinations on 3 views of the exterior.

For this project we created multiple color visualizations to help the owners determine which colors would work best on their building. The original image has electric cables running through the center. We removed those for a clearer view of the building. Once the client chose their favorite color combination, we sent them a printed version.

The yellow version is the original color of the building. We provided color visualization options for a red theme and variations of red and yellow. The last two slides show black window frames and a darker, more reflective sign.

Chromacity Package: $699; includes:

  • A guide to coach you to shoot the best imagery of your building
  • Professional assessment to qualify the imagery
  • A 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your ideas for color and any other improvements
  • We section off areas if the image to prepare them for new colors
  • We apply the new colors or other facade improvements
  • Professional help with choosing and coordinating a color combination
  • A 3 day turn-around for first round digital results
  • 45 minute consultation with our color expert to discuss the results
  • A second round of color in case you want to tweak the color a bit
  • We’ll convert your color choices into paint formulas for any major paint brand


Additional items are available:

  • Extra image - $99
  • Extra retouching - $99 per item
  • Prints - $99 (plus shipping)
  • Rush (1 day turn around)  - $149
  • Additional retouching round - $149
  • Additional 30 minutes with consultant - $99

Chromacity allows you to preview a building’s new paint job before you spend the time and money to paint it.

Chromacity allows you to preview a building’s new paint job before you spend the time and money to paint it. Use Chromacity to choose your color palette, explore multiple color combinations, preview fixes to cracks in the walls, changes to door styles/colors, changes to roof tiles, and, the removal of stains. You can even preview awning colors, new umbrellas/fixtures,, and landscape changes like the removal of plants or trees. In general, understand how your new colors and changes will look on your building before spending the money to do it.

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